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See where you fit in "The Bigger Picture"

Get more decision making power by being able to access all the leading Financial KPIs across all sections within your venue and see how you compare with other venues.

Use Astute BI Financial Module to

  • get detailed internal reporting
  • invaluable industry benchmarking
  • troubleshoot problems before they derail your business
Hot Sheet

Hot Sheet

Wages Trend

Wages Trend

Dynamic Gaming

Dynamic Gaming

How can Financial reporting help your venue?

See Problem Areas

By being able to drill into each department within your venue you can quickly find what areas need extra attention

Spot Trends

Compare your venue's trends with the average trends for the key departmental metrics to see if you are moving in the right direction or need to take corrective action.

Focus on Margins

Keep your focus where it matters – on underlining performance – not just top line movement.

Optimise Your Business

Drill into problem areas to improve the underlying performance of your business.

Integrated Reporting

All your key data is situated in one location in easy to use dashboards and updated monthly.

Compare Against Best

See how the top 25% of venues is performing across key metrics and compare your own results.

How Financial Reporting Looks

Astute BI Financial Reporting makes it easier for you to drill into problem areas within your business.  See how your gaming floor is performing, how your overheads are trending, and check your margins on food and drinks, both over the bar and through your bottle shop.


Get a snapshot of your key business metrics and whether they are up or down compared to the same month last year.


This useful report is emailed out monthly and contains detailed business information you’ll need for your board meeting.

Key Indicators

Get EBITDA, EDITDARD and Gross Profit trends for your business and compare them to the market average and top 25%..