Astute BI


Discover what is happening on your gaming floor so you can make adjustments to improve performance

Custom Reporting

The Astute Gaming Snapshot, an easy-to-digest 4 page report, was created to give you a quick overview of the performance of your gaming floor. You can use it to support adjustments to your gaming floor or to power future changes.

Get it emailed direct to your inbox each week or month.

What is included in the Astute Gaming Snapshot?

Turnover & Profit Trends

See the weekly turnover and profit data and trends for your gaming area for the last 3 months and comparison data and trends for the same period in the previous year.

Game Ranking

See the top 15 and bottom 15 games by floor position, name, denomination, venue ADT, all ADT, ration to floor average, average bet for a selected period (month or week) and the 3 month average data.

Floor EGM Distribution

Get Floor EGM Distribution by manufacturer and denomination compared to turnover and profit.

New Games

Easily see the performance of the new games installed in the last 6 months in terms of floor position, ratio to floor average, venue ADT, average bet and the date the game was installed so that you can decide on the future of your new games within the standard warranty period.