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Loyalty Matters

The market for members is as tight as always and Venues have to find new ways to retain their members and attract new ones.


Tight Competition for Loyalty Members
A Venue with 100-200 EGMs and 5,000-10,000 Members in a metropolitan area knew that the majority of their Members also held Membership at a competing Venue 7km away.

The Venue knew that their gaming floor and tiered loyalty program were comparable to that of their competitor’s and was unsure how they could establish a lead over the competition.


Fast-tracking Members to Gold Status
Through the Astute BI Membership Module the Venue started capturing, on a daily basis, the gaming activity of Members in low level loyalty tiers.

Once equipped with the insights from this analysis, the Venue was able to identify Members with spend and visitation patterns that indicated they were on track for Gold Membership but hadn’t yet attained that level. A decision was made to fast-track these Members to Gold status in order to increase their loyalty to the Venue.

Invitations were sent to each eligible Member inviting them to visit the Venue to pick up their new Gold Membership card and enjoy the benefits that went with being a Gold Member.


Increased Gaming Turnover from New Gold Members
Over 6 months, the Venue accelerated the progress of approximately 25 Members per month through the loyalty program and invited them to become Gold Members.

On average 8 Members per month accepted the offer and then continued to spend and visit the Venue in-line with average Gold Membership spend and visitation patterns.

The Venue saw an increase of 5% in gaming turnover as a result of the additional revenue driven by these fast-tracked loyalty Members. Similar sized Venues in the same region experienced a 2% decline in gaming turnover over the same period.